About US

Bunny Barn Bed & Boarding is a family-run pet hotel that looks after rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, tortoises and more! I always knew that I wanted to work with animals and, inspired by a friend, originally started the Barn to get lots of experience working with them. Since opening Bunny Barn in 2012 I’ve studied my Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management and left with a distinction.


The first Barn is home to our permanent and much loved residents Bee & Biscuit the bunnies, but they will never come into direct contact with your pet. The second Barn has six hutches with runs attached so they can run in and out all day.

The Bunny Barns are fully insulated and have electricity. They also have stable doors and windows for good ventilation, so it stays at a comfortable temperature all year round. When it gets cold, we turn on the heaters to make sure the Barns stay nice and warm. As they will not be able to relax in a run without shivering, guests in the first Bunny Barn will instead be released individuallyinto the barn so they can still have exercise. During hot weather they will spend their time in a run with cool shade provided.

If you are worried about your pet, please tell us! We will send pictures and regular updates on your pet's well-being if you wish. We will do our very best to make sure that your pet is cosy and comfortable. Please see the page Contact Us if you wish to get in touch. Also, we welcome anyone who wishes to come and have a look around!